Insights that will help you find clarity in chaos.

Simplify Strategy, Amplify Success.

You will achieve an unbeatable competitive advantage by following a simple strategy: improve your PPC campaign by 1% every day. A daily improvement of 1% over a year will give you an exponential improvement of 3,778%. PPC Signal will highlight the actions for you to act upon and help to improve your campaign every day.

Change Reaction.

Your ability to identify an emerging change in a PPC campaign is the holy grail. PPC is a constantly-changing environment; what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. The challenge is to detect your rising and falling stars proactively and consistently. AI-powered PPC Signal will auto-detect insightful changes in your PPC campaign. You never have to lift a finger.

Minimize. Maximize. Optimize.

Manually detecting a subtle change in a PPC campaign is time-consuming and a tedious task. PPC Signal will discover and classify a change as risk or an opportunity. You can optimize your PPC campaign by acting upon PPC Signal’s recommendation to minimize a risk signal, and/or maximize an opportunity signal.

Filter the Noise, Focus on the Signal.

Breakthrough success is the result of a series of good decisions. Most changes in your PPC campaign are noise and don’t require any action. PPC Signal helps you to filter out the noise and focus on the signals that lead to improvement. By focusing on the signals, you will make better decisions continuously and outperform your competition constantly.

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PPC Signal

Your Data. Your Insights.

Effortlessly identify elusive risks and opportunities in your Google Ads account.

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PPCexpo Keyword Planner

Find the Perfect Keyword. Surprise Yourself.

PPCexpo Keyword tool will help you align your keywords with the customers’ intent.

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PPC Audit

Free Google Ads Audit Report.

Frequent audits will help you optimize your PPC campaign for success.

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ChartExpoTM PPC Charts

Picture a Thousand Numbers. See the Big Picture.

Charts give you the ability to instantly grasp the insights hidden in your numbers.

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PPCexpo PPC Reports

Simple and Easy PPC Reporting. For Everyone.

Experience the new revolution in reporting … click your way to insights, don’t scroll.

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Combinations Calculator

Do the Math.

Calculate the number of combinations in your PPC campaign. It may surprise you.

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