A well designed visualization has the power to condense an ocean of data into an intuitive illustration. We at PPCexpo have developed our own visualization library customized for pay-per-click analysis; this gives us the freedom to innovate and delight our customers.
See the result for yourself.

Vertical Bar and Tile Chart

Single-Axis Radar Chart

Whole and Parts Chart

Peak Hour Chart

Donut Chart

Slope Chart

Stacked Grid Chart

Horizontal Dayparting Chart

Line and Fill Comparison Chart

Bid Chart

Opportunity Chart

Change Chart

Search-Term Chart

Bar Stacked Comparison Chart

Dual Axes Line Chart

Dual Axes Line, Bar and Tile Chart

Multi Axes Line Chart

Dual-Axes Radar Chart

Radial Bar Chart

Vertical Pareto Chart

Quality Score Chart

Tile Chart

Hierarchical Bar Chart

Scatter Plot Chart

Vertical Dayparting Chart

Adjacent Bar Chart

Sankey Chart

Keyword and Search-Term Link Chart