Effortless Report Creation

Effortless Report Creation

Report creation is a breeze – just select an iPDF® (interactive PDF) report from a library of prebuilt presentation-ready reports. The reports range from in-depth detail to executive summaries, designed to meet the requirements of either analysts or management.

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Easy To Share

An iPDF® report can be shared through email, distributed to a mailing list, or placed on a file server for sharing. The ability to easily share reports enables and encourages collaboration.

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Carefree Scheduling

Reports can be quickly scheduled with only a few clicks. You have the option to produce a report on demand or schedule a report to be distributed on a regular basis. Reports can be delivered through email or placed on Google Drive. Automatic scheduling will help reduce the need to manually distribute reports so you can instead focus on strategy.

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Analytics Simplified

We have carefully designed iPDF® reports to simplify analytics and deliver actionable insights. Intuitive and interactive visualizations reduce complexity and facilitate analysis. The reports are built to provide drill-down functionality from a one-page summary to in-depth detail. Drilling down with a click encourages stream-of-thought critical analysis and provides context for that analysis. Just a few clicks can lead users to new insights.

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Enjoyable User Experience

Users demand an enjoyable experience. Traditional flat PDF reports fail to meet this expectation. The unique click, don't scroll feature of our patented iPDF® reports delivers an enjoyable user experience. A user can click on an object in a visualizations (e.g., a bar in a bar chart) and navigate to the relevant section within the iPDF® report to instantly see more detail. Think of an iPDF® as a dashboard in a file.

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Augment Your Manual Reporting

Manual reporting has both benefits and drawbacks. Manual reporting requires constant attention and can be difficult to build, maintain, and use. The time spent on manual report creation and updating could instead be spent on higher-value tasks. PPCexpo report library can augment your existing reporting environment. Users and customers will benefit from custom-designed interactivity and insightful visualizations of PPC (pay-per-click) reporting.

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With PPCexpo’s visualizations custom designed for PPC, more information can be shown in less space. The visualizations are designed with the user’s needs in mind, i.e. to bring actionable insights to the surface quickly and easily. Interactive visualizations are a powerful way to communicate information and ideas.

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Save time, money, effort, and resources by selecting a thoroughly tested prebuilt iPDF® report from PPCexpo reports library. Eliminating errors that can be introduced by manual manipulation of data enhances credibility and allows readers to focus on what the numbers mean versus whether or not the numbers are accurate.

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How to create an iPDF® report

1. Select Report

Choose a report from
library of prebuilt reports

2. Connect

Connect to your account

3. Configure

Select your date range, then
run or schedule the report

4. Share

Share report with customers
through email or Google Drive

iPDF® report will be delivered to your email inbox.
You can also configure to send the report to your Google Drive.