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What is Sankey Diagram?

Sankey Diagram is a visual representation of data flow from one category to another, in which the width of the link between the categories is shown proportionally to the flow quantity. Sankey chart will help you unearth the stories hidden in your data.

Sankey Charts-Pictures Beat Numbers

Pictures Beat Numbers.

Since the start of human communication, people have used pictures and visuals to tell their stories.

From Paleolithic cave paintings to modern charts and diagrams, visuals are the most powerful method for conveying ideas and stories.

When you tell a visual story, you engage the audience’s heart, soul, and mind. Visual storytelling improves your credibility, builds trust and translates complex data into a more engaging format.

Without visuals, it’s hard to see the big picture in your data.

Sankey diagrams efficiently visualize massive amounts of information into a single chart that supports multiple viewing levels. Take a bird’s-eye view to get a top-down overview of your data, or zoom in to see specific, granular details.

With each new view, you discover unexpected relationships and/or oddities in your data. Dominant facets become apparent and valuable insights rise to the surface.

Simplify your data. Communicate its story. Collaborate, make informed decisions and win.

Sankey Diagram-Go with the Flow.

Go with the Flow.

Every customer interaction with your business creates data. This data provides an inside look at your customers — what they like, what they don’t like, when they are active, what devices they use and more.

Collecting this data is not enough. You need to analyze it and transform the raw data into actionable steps on how to better serve your audiences.

Charting the data with a Sankey diagram is an obvious choice. There is a flow to customer data, which is captured perfectly by the construction of this chart.

The Sankey diagram helps you discover what your customers want and how they interact with your brands based on their behaviors and paths.

It’s about detecting the patterns and mannerisms behind customer interactions across all touchpoints.

Do you know which sequences work best for your customers and which sequences are failing to deliver? You can find out with the Sankey chart!

Sankey Diagram-Many Faces of Relationships.

Many Faces of Relationships.

Complex data is now the new normal. Charts need to be sophisticated enough to keep up with these complex relationships.

By ‘complex relationships’ we don’t mean spending the holidays with your in-laws. We’re talking about the many-to-many relationships that are increasingly common in data and the real world.

These relationships (like those with your in-laws) can be complicated. Charting these relationships can be a headache.

Many-to-many relationships are best understood when you think of the correlation between students and classes.

Students have classes; classes have students.
A class can have many students; a student can have many classes.

When you have many students and many classes, arranging them into their appropriate places creates a multitude of problems.

Businesses are also afflicted by several types of many-to-many relationships.

Orders & products
Jobs & applicants
Subscribers & service packages

Sankey diagrams are Cinderella’s glass slipper fit when it comes to many-to-many relationships. Sankey effortlessly depicts the distribution and correlations between the two parts.

With a quick look at your Sankey chart, you can make sense of complex data and share it with others in an engaging way.

It’s about making faster connections between insights and strategy and making information easily understandable and shareable.

Sankey makes complex concepts simple.

Sankey Diagram-Discover the Story Behind your Survey Data.

Discover the Story Behind your Survey Data.

Survey data has always been valuable. Getting direct responses from customers about your products and services is one of the best tactics for understanding what’s working and what needs improvement.

It’s easier than ever to perform surveys—and just as easy to get buried in survey data.

The challenge is how do you capitalize on the immense value of surveys, without drowning in the data?

Sankey diagrams can visualize your survey results in minutes — no coding, headaches or hassle required.

Bring your survey results to life with a Sankey chart that tells your survey data’s story. It will change the way you think and react to your survey data.

Pinpoint where you need to improve and swiftly make those time-sensitive changes to continue thriving!

Conduct a survey, visualize the results with Sankey, react and make changes.

It’s that simple.

Sankey Charts-First Impressions Last.

First Impressions Last.

With ChartExpo, you can create a Sankey with up to 8 levels. Multiple levels mean multiple perspectives to view and interact with your data.

Even the most complex or overwhelming data set quickly becomes accessible and easy to work with.

Make your Sankey charts your own! Every component can be customized with just a few clicks, including nodes, links, stats, text, colors and more.

There’s nothing to install. No need to download additional software. No coding required.

Charts you can afford to help plot the course to your success.

Happy charting!

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