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Pareto Chart Analysis: Straightforward, Stressless, Simple

Pareto Chart is built on the 80-20 rule — a universal truth
about the imbalance of inputs versus outputs.
It’s a basic framework that says the majority of your results (80%) come from a small minority of your efforts (20%). You don’t need any statistical skills or a degree in mathematics to understand this formula.
Pareto Analysis identifies the components that are in this
small minority. You can quickly begin working smarter and
making decisions that prioritize these vital few tasks over
the less valuable many.
The simplicity of Pareto Chart makes it a straightforward
solution to end stressful decision-making.
Identify your issue, collect the data, create a Pareto Chart,
and solve your complex problem.

Pareto Chart-The Many Applications of Pareto Chart Analysis

The Many Applications of Pareto Chart Analysis

Pareto Chart enables optimization by organizing and
displaying the information needed for setting priorities.
The 80-20 breakdown helps you find the least and most
noteworthy items in a list.
This has many applications in business, finance, logistics,
marketing and more.
Pareto Analysis is the answer whenever you want to
measure data by frequency, time or cost. Here are several

  • Sales: Find the 20% of clients/customers that are
    responsible for 80% of revenue.
  • Marketing: Prioritize the 20% of keywords that produce
    80% of your website traffic.
  • Customer Support: See the 20% of defects or problems
    that cause 80% of customer complaints.
  • Profitability: Discover the 20% of products, services or
    strategies responsible for 80% of profits.
  • Employee Management: Identify the top 20% of
    employees that produce 80% of the productivity.
  • Time Management: Remove roadblocks in your
    workflow that eat 80% of your time, but only create
    20% of results.

As a visual tool, Pareto Chart is a phenomenal
communication tool to share data that others need to
understand quickly.

Pareto Chart-Picturing a Pareto Chart

Picturing a Pareto Chart

Visualizations have the power to vastly simplify complex
data. To accomplish this mission, Pareto Chart uses 4

  1. X-axis displays the different categories of data items
    that you are analyzing.
  2. Y-axis represents the count data or frequency of each
  3. Bars arranged in descending order help identify the
    most significant items.
  4. Percentage curve highlights the cumulative
    contribution of each item, equaling 100%. This
    identifies your vital inputs that produce the most
    significant results.

The element that sets the Pareto Chart apart from other
vertical bar charts is the cumulative percentage curve. This
shows the value of each item based on your total results.

Pareto Chart-Pareto Chart Makes Better Decisions, in Less Time

Pareto Chart Makes Better Decisions, in Less Time

Complex decisions often involve many moving parts.
Navigating all of the options makes reaching a final
decision difficult.
Pareto Chart visually depicts your decision and each
available choice, making it easy to quickly target the best
solution. The visualizations allow you to make fast,
accurate changes that solve key problems by identifying
their root causes.
By understanding the most significant parts in the process,
you prioritize tasks and focus attention where it is needed

Pareto Chart-Optimize Strategies, Maximize Results with Pareto Analysis

Optimize Strategies, Maximize Results with Pareto Analysis

Managing your available resources is always a challenge,
no matter the size or scope of your business.
With Pareto Chart identifying those vital few inputs that
achieve the best results, you always have a clear vision of
where to allocate these resources and how to optimize your
You can even directly improve your bottom line and ROI by
using Pareto Analysis to chart the 20% of products and
strategies that produce 80% of revenue.
Increase profitability with simple numbers.

Pareto Chart- Guaranteed Productivity with Pareto Chart Analysis

Guaranteed Productivity with Pareto Chart Analysis

Being efficient means completing the most tasks in the
allotted time. Productivity is completing the correct tasks,
in the best order to maximize results.
Improved resource allocation, prioritization of tasks,
optimization of critical strategies and increased efficiency
culminate for one powerful benefit: guaranteed productivity.
You’ll get more done each day and ensure that the tasks
you complete are the vital few that will boost results the
Discover the best ways to get the job done.

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