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What is a Likert Scale Chart?

Likert Scale Chart is a graphical representation of Likert Scale. It helps you to quantify the strength of people’s feelings and/or emotions. You're able to visualize the degree to which people agree or disagree with a statement. Likert Scale Chart is an easy to understand survey chart and it works very well.

Likert Scale-Gold Standard for Surveys

Gold Standard for Surveys

The Likert Scale Chart is a universal tool for surveys.
Respondents provide their opinions (the data) using
multiple scales. The survey data can then be measured with nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio levels.

With so many options and levels, the Likert Scale Chart is
the gold standard for visualizing survey results.

Whether you’re researching customer satisfaction, event
feedback or employee engagement, the Likert Scale Chart is
the right survey chart for the job.

Likert Scale-Develop Stronger Surveys in Less Time

Develop Stronger Surveys in Less Time

First, you need to create the survey itself.

This process is riddled with possible pitfalls and mistakes,
such as creating overly broad questions, focusing on too
many topics at once, or simply not making responses
specific enough.

The Likert Scale Chart’s design ensures that you ask focused, straightforward questions that keep respondents candid and engaged. Available options are numbered on a scale between negative, neutral and positive.

The simple language and universal nature of the Likert Scale makes it exceptionally easy to use for both researchers and respondents. Survey responses are effortless to calculate
and analyze.

Likert Scale-Sentiment when it’s Needed Most

Sentiment when it’s Needed Most

Knowing what your customers or employees are thinking is
always helpful, but there are times when it’s absolutely crucial:

  • When a new product is released
  • When a new rule or procedure is introduced
  • When a service is completed
  • When an event is over

For these situations, granular feedback is vital. You want to
know the range of positive and negative sentiments —
thoughts, attitudes, feelings, opinions, etc.

You also want to detect and measure the neutral, middle-
ground emotions that are harder to measure and

The Likert Scale Chart will shed light on those gray areas of
sentiment that can be hard to detect. You’ll know precisely
what your customers are thinking!

Likert Scale-Sentiment Intensity Insights

Sentiment Intensity Insights

You can ask a customer if they are happy with your service.
However, this yes/no question doesn’t allow the customer to
express how happy they are. The magnitude of an emotion or
feeling matters when you want to understand your customers.

There is a stark difference between happy and exuberant or
sad and inconsolable.

The Likert Scale is excellent at measuring the intensity of a
feeling, attitude or opinion. The survey questions enable
customers to rate how intense their feelings are towards the

For instance: How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the
quality of your service recently? Respondents can choose
between a range of options, like not satisfied at all, slightly
satisfied, satisfied, extremely satisfied, etc.

This scale allows you to deeply understand the varying
degrees of feelings at play.

Likert Scale-Attitude Adjustments

Attitude Adjustments

The purpose behind market research and surveying is to
understand how customers feel about your business and
strategies. Then, you can meet those attitudes with the best
possible experiences.

With Likert Scale Chart making survey analysis effective and
efficient, you can swiftly adjust your products, services,
events and other strategies to meet the latest attitudes.

Adjusting for customer feelings and attitudes ensures that
you’re constantly delivering engaging experiences aligned
with what audiences actually want.

You’ll win against competitors that are too slow to react to
the latest consumer needs!

Likert Scale-Data and Opinions Collide

Data and Opinions Collide

Opinions are valuable, whether they come from your
employees or your customers. The challenge is making these
opinions actionable.

You don’t want your business to be driven solely by
speculation and gut feelings. You need tangible evidence to
guide your decisions. Otherwise, you may be pulled in every
wrong direction.

Survey charts, such as the Likert Scale Chart, help quantify
these opinions and transform them into usable data. It puts
raw numbers behind intangible thoughts and feelings
and generates actionable insight from your survey data.

You’ll be able to distinguish between relevant opinions that
need your immediate attention and irrelevant ones that can
be ignored.

Likert Scale-Simplify Survey

Simplify Survey

Create and customize Likert Scale Chart with a few clicks.
There’s nothing to install. No need to download additional
software. No coding required.

Use the Likert survey chart to find out what your audience

Happy charting!

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